To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

Sunfrost JuiceI admit it, I am a veteran cleanser. I’ve tried almost every type of cleanse out there. So, after all that, do I think it’s a good idea? Well, I come down on both sides of the fence. I’m just not sure they’re right for everybody all the time, even me. Here are the pros and the cons, as I see them. READ MORE >

What Pains You?

Hi all, happy spring! Can you believe it’s really here? Today I feel it. Total spring fever. I want to go for a massive walk and get away from the blinking screen so much! But you know, it’s a workday. I’ll have to settle for a shorter walk and some gazing out the window. I’ll take it!

Anyway, I am writing today to ask for your help READ MORE >

Landed (Plus, a sweet recipe)

Payasam Overnight OatsI’ve been home for over a week now, and yet I feel like I’ve just landed. For the first bunch of days, I just felt like I wasn’t quite here. My timing was all off. I wasn’t sure what to eat. I felt all floaty, sort of. And, it was delicious. READ MORE >

Picture This–Padma’s Cooking Class

Today we had a lesson in Keralan cooking. 6 yoga students, one chef and one assistant in a tiny Indian kitchen, resulting in the best meal I’ve had yet. Ooof. Good thing it was early. We devoured everything! Uttapam, Dosa, Coconut Chutney, Beet Thoren, Paneer Butter Masala. A feast!


Chill Zone

lilly padsThere is a sign I pass every day that says Chill Zone. I’ve never stopped. But I always wonder what goes on there. Do people just magically feel all relaxed? In America it would likely be some weird pod place where you plug yourself into a chair. But here I suspect it’s an ice cream shop.  In any case, I love the name. It’s part of what I hoped to do here. Chill. Get the vrittis to stop spinning so fast. Let the extraneous mind chatter go in order to make space for some important stuff. READ MORE >

Cookie Dough is Health Food

Hello my little kale chips! I’ve missed you, and I know, I’ve been a little light on the blog posting. Sometimes a person needs to take a step back from the digital world. Don’t you think?

Anyway, while I’ve been away, I’ve been cooking more than ever, really connecting with my yoga community, and grooving on the yoga in general. Phew, I feel better.

So here I am in the Outer Banks. Actually, I’m leaving, and I’m really sad.

It’s been a great time. I got to practice and breathe and chant and study, every. single. day. But I’ll tell the truth, I was a bit nervous about it. We all know I’m…specific..about my food and habits, and well, going away to an unfamiliar place, with people I’ve never lived with before, I was bound to have a few jitters.

But here’s the great thing: in a house with a kitchen, I am always at home. The other day, as I was feeling a little windy, a little at loose ends, I decided to make dinner and dessert for the posse, and all of a sudden I was singing (and maybe dancing a little bit, but fortunately no one caught it on camera).

Dessert??? What??? Yes, we are all yogis, we are all trying to be healthy and somewhat moderate. But you know, there’s no use denying it, everyone loves treats! And this brings me to a key point of the A Life Delectable food philosophy: Treat Yourself Whole. You don’t want to punish yourself, but you don’t want your little indulgences to make you feel icky either. Eat delectable things and feel delectable after!

So, I got in the kitchen, and found my happy place, and treated the whole workshop to some chocolate chip cookie dough balls. Whole food. Sweet treats. Serious energy for the Mysore room. And no belly ache after. Score.

These are not my recipe, but I have a fall version in the works and coming as soon as I’m out of this southern humidity. In the meantime, hop on over to one of my favorite blogs, Oh She Glows and try these. You won’t be sorry. And maybe you’ll even have the energy to hold that Catwari.