Work With Me

Are you looking to boost your health and vibrance in a way that is joyful, delicious and satisfying? Are you sick of dieting, atoning and restricting, and still not getting the results you crave? Are you ready to make empowering choices that bring you back into balance, while building a better relationship with food and your body? I’m here to help.

What I do:

Through personal health mentoring I help you find your hull speed, your own personal true line that makes it easy and sustainable to stay in balance with healthy food choices that are super satisfying, and a little soul searching that helps you know when it’s right.

With delectable yoga I can help you start your yoga practice or dive deeper. Tune in to the now. Bring breath and mindful movement, a little sweat and some intentional ritual to your days. Through private instruction, online or in real-time, intensive workshops and group instruction I infuse ancient tradition with just a touch of rebellion to help yoga help you.

In the delectable kitchen I teach you to upgrade your plate, creating drool-worthy meals worthy of fancy magazines with ingredients that are worthy of you and your health goals. From basic techniques to fancy dishes with flair, healthy staples workshops to full-on dinner parties, one-on-one sessions to workshops, when I get in the kitchen with you, you know it will be delectable, but still leave you feeling vibrant.

And finally, I help you savor wine with real presence. With years of wine sales and food and wine pairing experience, I can teach you more about the noble grape so you can enjoy it mindfully with the attention and panache it deserves.

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