Choosing Raw Book Review

I’m baaaaack, with a review…

I’ve been meaning to review my favorite products, restaurants and sources of information for a long time, but somehow couldn’t find the right place to start. I keep being a perfectionist about it, as in, “I haven’t tried EVERY natural skincare product out there. So how can I make recommendations?!!” Which of course is ridiculous. So I’m going to  share ‘just some stuff I like’ from now on, and I found the perfect place to start. READ MORE >

Smart Snacking For Sports (Plus a Sweet Recipe)

I had a little problem this weekend, and I am so glad it’s Monday so I can get it off my hands. I made these amazing little chocolate bites, and they were just too good. A little addictive. Maybe more than a little. I even froze them in self defense, but it turns out they’re great straight from the freezer. READ MORE >

What I Love Wednesday

Well, here I am again, trying STILL to adjust to the NYC winter after the full on steam bath of India. I’m almost there. Things feel almost normal. Same same. Only different. Not a bad way to be. But I’m still missing a little of the “out of my comfort zone/new comfort zone feeling” the trip induced. Ah well, those feelings remind me how incredibly lucky I am. READ MORE >

Use Your Noodle (and, it’s GIVEAWAY time)

I can’t get out of my own way today. I tried one thing. I tried another. I dropped a few things on the floor. I wrote and deleted a post. I’m just noodling around apparently. And, although I had a heartfelt yoga musing planned for this week, I think it’s not going to happen. So, I thought I’d finally do a long-awaited giveaway. READ MORE >