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Design Your Yoga Life Delectable

What does it mean to live a healthy life? There is no one definition. The “right” lifestyle is one that is comfortable and sustainable for you, for the long term. That nurtures your body and spirit. That doesn’t feel full of “shoulds.”

How do you find this perfectly designed life?

You have to tune in to tune up.

Does this sound familiar?

You want to establish a steady yoga practice, but your bed is so warm in the morning.

You started your yoga practice for the buzz, the joy of it, but now it feels like a rigid box.

You claim to eat ‘a little dark chocolate at night’…but really it’s more like a chocolate cake.

You love your green juice but somehow you’re feeling depleted.

You wish you could indulge in dessert, without eating all the dessert, forever and all time.

You want to enjoy living in your own skin a little more, without so much judgment.

You’re always rocketing from austere to indulgent.

You’re often strict with your health and wellness plan but somehow the results don’t match your efforts. You just don’t feel good!

And all of it is beginning to feel like a “should!” Even that bakasana you’d like to nail has lost its luster.


I’ve been there. Done that. Over and over again. I’ve embraced the ascetic lifestyle then rocketed to indulgence, then beat myself up for ‘falling off the wagon’ and restricted myself again and again, until I finally found my own “hull speed”, a lifestyle that feels ‘just right,’ and flows easily.

Do you know what I discovered? It seems so simple, but it eluded me for a long time. Tuning in is the key. That cheesy word we hear every day lately, mindfulness, is absolutely necessary to finding out what works for you, living a healthy balanced life with room for indulgence, and ending the internal struggle.

Imagine yourself in your perfect flow. You get up excited for your yoga practice, feeling good in your body and ready to face the day.

You enjoy your rituals and routine, but know where you can ‘play’ and how to shake things up without completely rocking the boat.

You indulge in moderation, only the perfect sips and morsels that really bring you pleasure, without any regret or self-recrimination.

You find time and space to nurture your body and your spirit, pay attention to your own needs while connecting with friends and family, and feel comfortable with the balance.

You even feel you could nail that float into bakasana…

Can you feel it?!

In this bespoke 90-day program, we’ll address your personal struggles and refine and retune your habits to help you tune in, tune up and finally embrace a lifestyle that feels happy and sustainable for you…for the long haul.

Together we will:

Tune In…

…to how many days of yoga practice/exercise feel right and sustainable for you.

…to how much sleep you need

…to what fuels your body and spirit best, how much, and when

…to what nourishes you other than food.

…to what indulgences really rock your world, and how much is ‘enough’

Then we’ll Tune UP:

We’ll design a sustainable yoga and/or exercise schedule for you.

We’ll create a few rituals to help you get in your groove, then decide when “rules” are made to be broken.

We’ll fine-tune your eating, the what’s the when’s the how much.

We’ll find motivation to get you on your mat, and set up your time and space to make it happen.

And, you’ll go away with recipes, tips and techniques tailored to your needs.

Your life can’t be fueled with iron will. Eventually willpower will crumble. But setting up a healthy, joyful, delicious lifestyle that’s tailored to you can be sustainable.

Let’s design your Life Delectable!

What’s included in your 90 day program:

  • 1 x 75 minute deep dive session to pinpoint your unique needs and ‘stuck places’ and establish goals.
  • 8 x 45 minute coaching sessions to review progress, tweak your game plan, develop new habits and even work on your yoga! (available by FaceTime or Skype)
  • email support between sessions…I’ve got your back!
  • Recommended reading, playlists and homework, plus recipe suggestions, yoga tips and more tailored to your needs.
  • Bonus: a free copy of my e-book Delectable Pairings, delivered to your inbox upon signup.



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Extended payment plans available upon consultation.

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“I had the privilege of having a 45 minute coaching call with Laura this week. We talked about the challenges of finding balance between indulgence and healthy living. Laura provided me with very helpful tips on what to eat before practice, how to balance getting enough hours of sleep while fitting practice into my crazy schedule, healthy and filling snacks to prevent an afternoon crash and she also gave me some very useful tips and recipes for light healthy dinners while I cook pasta for the kids. Her long time yoga experience combined with her knowledge of food and nutrition made it a very productive call. Thanks Laura!”

Genie Naranjo



Love the songs! Used them today. As I was standing on my mat I was thinking hello, old friend!”

Dana Defrancesco



“Laura, thank you for ever so much for helping me recognize eating behaviors that no longer serve me; and, by providing healthy sustaining alternatives to living a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.  In a matter of weeks, your energetic and direct counselling was just what I needed to get on path with eating healthier foods.  Because of your vast knowledge and scrumptious recipe suggestions, especially the sweet alternatives (chia pudding rocks!), I am now fully “back on the beam” .  Not only have Iost 6lbs, which was not the objective when I started with you, I have never felt healthier in my life.  You have a smart, energetic formula of coaching, involving tuning into the “what is it that I really want now?”

Laura, I cannot thank you enough and I look forward to continuing along the yogic path with you.  You are really phenomenal.”

Chuck Myers