What Pains You?

Hi all, happy spring! Can you believe it’s really here? Today I feel it. Total spring fever. I want to go for a massive walk and get away from the blinking screen so much! But you know, it’s a workday. I’ll have to settle for a shorter walk and some gazing out the window. I’ll take it!

Anyway, I am writing today to ask for your help. I’m working on developing posts and programs and services that more closely match your needs, and as I was pondering this equation, I wondered, what pains you?

That’s right, I want to know what your challenges are, big and small. And really, just what bugs you, what annoys you, what sticks in your craw…so to speak.

Here are a few of mine, just to get you going.

Dogma pains me. Seriously. Dogma is a huge pain in my you-know-what. Whether it’s related to yoga (yoga is ONLY, yogis NEVER, you can’t BLANK if you are a yogi), or food (never ever eat ______, ______is morally wrong, if you aren’t 100% ______ you aren’t doing any good for you/the planet), or health (ALL western/modern medicine is bad, ALL holistic/integrative/alternative medicine is good), dogma makes me mad. It gets in the way of truth and analytical thinking, and generally puts a halt to what could be real, meaningful discussions and progress.

Self-centeredness. People who can’t look around and see outside their little box pain me. This is a stupid example, but when people don’t let others get off the subway BEFORE they get on, I get annoyed. Really, is it so hard to just let them off? It’s logical, they’re making more room for you! Same thing with people who don’t offer pregnant women, the elderly or those with casts/canes/broken limbs have their seats. Yeah, I give them dirty looks. It’s not very nice of me. But you know, I’m pained.

And, I know in the yoga room we’re supposed to be focused on our navels, but it pains me when no one moves their mat aside to let another practitioner fit in the room. With a little shifting, we’ll all fit, and if we have to angle our upavista konasana to the side in order not to kick someone in the face, then so be it. There’s always room for one more.

GMOs and chemicals. Genetically modified foods and processed food with chemcials, pesticides and toxins pain me. And even if you are not aware of it, they probably pain you too. They’re not meant to be in your body. They’re not real food. And because your body doesn’t know what to do with them, they just sit in your system and cause…pain.

So, there are three of mine. Large and small. Now, please tell me, WHAT PAINS YOU???

Send me an email, write a comment here on the blog, message me on Facebook, or write a comment under the status of this post. I want to hear from you and I won’t stop asking what’s going on in your world!

Now, for that walk….