Safer Beauty, Healthier Holdidays

Hi All,

Recovered from your Thanksgiving yet? If not I recommend tons of greens, a good sweat and lots of water. Oh and don’t go baking ginger molasses cookies like I did. Big no-no. (But if you want the recipe, coming this week!)

In other news, I’m sure you’ve noticed the holiday marketing and sales are hitting hard, and I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about you to my newest endeavor. As you know, I’ve been a beauty editor and writer and something of a beauty addict for years. I’ve made no secret of the fact that personal care is not well regulated in the US. In fact, it’s a mess. Barely regulated at all! Did you know the EU bans over 1,400 chemicals and US has only partially regulated about 30 substances to date, and hasn’t passed a law regulating personal care products since 1938?!

So I have finally started do something more about it. Because I want to have more impact, I’ve decided to team up with Beautycounter and help them spread their word of “Beautiful products, made safe.”

E40748C1-28AF-4C78-B53B-D2FD30B631D5I love this company’s mission and what they are doing in the world! They have committed to creating high performing products that go well above and beyond the safety standards required in the US, and are working to make laws on personal care more stringent to help keep us all safe. If you do one thing, snag their “never list” of chemicals to never ever ever allow into your personal care items (and what they would never ever use in their formulas).

I also happen to love their lipstick, their eyeliner and mascara, their body butter, their cleansing balm, their eye cream, their haircare…and and and. And by the way it is REALLY hard to make these things both safe and beautiful. They did! B481B998-C341-479C-9923-826BC22A3847

There’s so much more to say, but to keep things short and sweet for now, I’d love for you to contact me and ask questions. Even if you don’t need any new personal care items, I urge you to learn more about the problems we face with cosmetics safety in the US. Again, if you don’t know anything, the Never List is a great place to start.

AND, if you’re looking for gifts (for yourself or others!) this is a great way to promote healthier holidays, shop small (that’s me y’all!) and help friends and family be beautiful inside and out.

Just for today, Cyber Monday, there are lots of great deals, including travel sets of the new skincare and hair care lines, their awesome body oil and free shipping. Just go here and check it all out. I think the travel set is good for anyone, the oil is great for you dry Vatta types (you know who you are) and everyone can use a little pop of color for holiday parties.

As always, I am never prescriptive, I’ll never give you the hard sell. I can’t seem to tell people what they “have” to eat or what kind of yoga they “must” do and how they “should” do it, never mind exactly what cosmetics to use, but I hope to encourage more of the people I love to use safer products of all kinds (dryer sheets I’m looking at you!) and it keep their loved ones safe too. I will continue to share my love of many brands of beauty and personal care items (I’m a New Yorker, after all, I’m never gonna be a “one-stop-shopper”), but I’m totally behind Beautycounter and their goal to get safer beauty into the hands of everyone and can’t wait to share my passion with you.

Be in touch!

Check it all out…

And, here’s to healthier holidays and many beautiful, healthy years ahead!

With love,