What I Love Wednesday

Well, here I am again, trying STILL to adjust to the NYC winter after the full on steam bath of India. I’m almost there. Things feel almost normal. Same same. Only different. Not a bad way to be. But I’m still missing a little of the “out of my comfort zone/new comfort zone feeling” the trip induced. Ah well, those feelings remind me how incredibly lucky I am.

So amid all this adjusting, I’ve been neglecting the kitchen a little. Classes to teach and meetings to go to and beauty offices and husbands have been pulling focus, and it’s felt like a little more of a chore than usual to get cooking. I suddenly understand the pressure so many feel in this area! So while I have lots of recipe ideas brewing, none of them are yet fully formed enough to bring to you.

Enter: What I Love Wednesday. Some Wednesdays, I’ll share with you the things that are floating my boat. Take ‘em. Leave ‘em. Or just let me know what your true loves are right now in the comments!

  1. Chia pudding. A few evenings lately when I’ve had my main meal at lunch and I just wanted something comforting I’ve blended my chia pudding to make it more like a real creamy pudding than a tapioca breakfast type thing. Cashews+almond milk+chia seeds+vanilla+date+cinnamon or cardamom=awesome! Plenty of recipes here on the blog. But new ones coming soon too!
  2. My hula hoop. Yep. I’m a dork. If I have the great luck to be able to work at home, I sometimes get a little…stagnant. I put on some tunes and hoop for ten minutes. It literally shakes me up! I’ve just got one from CVS. But I think I’ll order a weighted one to really shake things up!
  3. My water bottle. I got it at Equinox gym but I think this one looks just like it (only mine’s a happy pink).html It’s double insulated so in this chilly weather I can put warm water with lemon and it will stay warm and comforting for quite a while. Not that I let it sit that long.
  4. Fancy raw meals. That’s right, raw in winter. I met my good friend at Pure Food & Wine to celebrate her birthday, then met a new friend there the next week. The awesome brazil nut croquettes and unbelievable tiramisu remind me that there are lots of amazing things right here at home I can’t get anywhere else. I must re-create those recipes! Or maybe it’s not even worth the effort. They just do it so well!
  5. Inspirational books. No I’m not talking about great, lofty, spiritual tomes, though those are great too. I just read Cameron Diaz’ new book, and was surprised to really enjoy it. For those new to the whole healthy living thing it might be eye opening. For me, there wasn’t much new, but I like that someone familiar to a wide audience is putting the info out there. I also felt like I was getting a pep talk from an older sister or best friend. That’s what I’d like to be for you! Inspiration for the journey.
  6. My students. Yep. Those guys are getting up in the wee hours to let me bark at them at 7 am. Now that’s devotion. Love you guys!

That’s all for now, but it’s not all. Happy Wednesday friends! Go eat some greens!