Choosing Raw Book Review

I’m baaaaack, with a review…

I’ve been meaning to review my favorite products, restaurants and sources of information for a long time, but somehow couldn’t find the right place to start. I keep being a perfectionist about it, as in, “I haven’t tried EVERY natural skincare product out there. So how can I make recommendations?!!” Which of course is ridiculous. So I’m going to  share ‘just some stuff I like’ from now on, and I found the perfect place to start.

I was recently treated to a delicious and incredibly fun dinner courtesy of Gena at Choosing Raw. It was a fantastic five course meal complete with wine pairings that left me stuffed to the gills with deliciousness and inspired to get back in my own kitchen. I’m still dreaming of that chocolate ganache tart with vegan caramel ice cream!

If you haven’t discovered Gena’s site yet, it’s an incredible resource for delicious, vegan recipes and product suggestions, as well as smart and thoughtful posts about food, body image and healing and how they can relate to veganism.

And here’s the exciting part: the dinner was a celebration of the launch of Gena’s new book, and wow, there is certainly reason to celebrate! The book contains a wealth of foundational information about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle along with the story of Gena’s progression with food, body image and veganism. A lot of how she describes her food philosophy is right up my alley. She’s passionate about vibrant healthy food, yet there’s nothing dogmatic about her approach. She eats a balance of cooked and raw foods, all whole vibrant options, without all the dogma and obsession that can sometimes accompany the ‘raw’ philosophy.

But never mind all that, you want to go grab this book and start making recipes. As I was reading I got really hungry. I’m already dying to make Cashew/Banana Yogurt, Kelp Noodle Pad Thai, Quinoa Un-Meat Balls and so many more. Plus, the photography is so beautiful I almost started gnawing on the pages.

If you’re drooling now, like I am, you can head on over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more and order it pronto.

Or, if you think you can wait a week or two to get your hands on it, head on over to Choosing Raw and enter her giveaway. While you’re at it, check out all the deliciousness waiting for you there.

And with that, I think I’m off to make that Cashew Banana Yogurt. Perfect for a sleepy Saturday morning.

Happy weekend friends!