Time is Flying

Can you believe it’s mid October already? I can’t. Or, really, I can, but I’m feeling a little pressure to share some of my awesome fall recipes before the season fades! Also, I feel like I’m missing prime fall time in the woods, but that’s another story.

Life has been pretty busy over here. I’m deep into the Culinary Nutrition program I’ve mentioned and what with cooking, taking pictures, doing research, writing papers, listening to webinars, and trying to keep my various clients happy, I’m a little behind on the blogging!

I come to you today with a smoothie recipe. A long overdue recipe. And even though this may seem funny for fall, it kind of fits…it’s got pumpkin! Not the flesh this time, and no cinnamon or allspice to be found, but the seeds, which are packed with nutrition.

This smoothie recipe is not mine, strictly speaking. It captured my heart this summer one day, on the way to work. I was starving and short for time, and although I don’t normally buy my smoothies “out,” what with being very specific about how I like them, I gave it a shot. It was just sitting there looking all innocent at the yoga studio where I practice and I bought it with great skepticism, then got completely hooked.

It’s called the Pear/Pumpkin smoothie and it was created by the brilliant Maria Margolies at Heartbeet Juicery. They’re a great local company that makes amazing cold press juices, and I highly recommend ordering from them if you want to do a ready-made cleanse.

But, back to the smoothie. It was love at first sip! Creamy, rich, bright, sweet but not too sweet, dense, bright green and totally satisfying. I bought one every day that week. OOPS.

So finally I knew what I had to do. I’d have to recreate it myself. It took a few tries I’ll admit. One way it just tasted like banana. Another way it was just too watery. Yet a third way it was gritty. And on and on. But I think I finally found the blend I like and I present it to you today.

This is no wimpy thing. It is not low fat. It is not low calorie. But it will power you through a crazy morning of yoga and kids and work and teaching and whatever it is life throws your way. The pumpkin seeds are great for immunity. And, they’re loaded with protein. So are the spirulina and tahini come to think of it . And, I love that this one doesn’t need to be all fluffed up with ice and served freezing cold to be satisfying. It’s more a milkshake consistency than ice cream, so it’s perfect to take on the road for after practice and it’s not too cold for fall’s breezy days. Throw it in a mason jar, hit the road, and I dare you not to get addicted!

Pear Pumpkin Spirulina Copycat Smoothie

Pear-Pumpkin Smoothie IngredientsBased on the Pear Pumpkin Smoothie from Heartbeet Juicery

1 Medium Pear
1 ½ Cups Coconut Water
2 Tbsp. Raw Tahini
3 Tbsp. Raw Pumpkin Seeds
2-3 tsp. Spirulina Manna (the only brand I like, but use your favorite)
¼ Avocado
¼ Small Banana
1 Medjool Date
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
Stevia to taste

Blend well.

It’s as easy as that!

Pear-Pumpkin Smoothie Overhead

Notes: The original didn’t have avocado, but I like it a little thicker and didn’t want to add more banana. You could also use some irish moss if that’s your thing and/or some young coconut meat (the soft stuff you can scoop). Sometimes I don’t measure the pumpkin seeds, but just throw in a handful. And sometimes I do more spirulina, if I’m really feeling it. You have to find out how much you like the flavor. Play around with amounts, as I always say. It’s personal.