So here’s a funny thing. I am so busy making food and taking pictures of it, plus researching and writing about it for my CNE course that I don’t have a recipe for you today. Sorry folks, I just can’t share what I’ve made, since they’re not my recipes.

I might share a few pictures though.There was this…

Quinoa and Beets

and this…

Topped with Tahini Sauce

oh and then  there was this…


which led to this…


Sadly, there’s also been a lot of this…

The AftermathSeriously, I haven’t been this busy, and this much of a student since maybe college. Research papers? I have forgotten how they work. Plus, and this will date me, the internet barely existed when I was last writing them. I mostly went to the library…

But that is not my point. What’s interesting is that by making others’ recipes and reading and watching lots of great books and documentaries, I am refining my own opinions. And, sometimes changing them, sometimes keeping them, and feeling even more strongly about them, despite arguments to the contrary!

One of our assignments was to write a clear food philosophy. And, I thought this would be pretty similar to my manifest (didn’t get it? Sign up for email updates and you will!). And, it is, sort of. You can’t separate the idea of nourishing yourself with food from the idea of living in a way that nourishes you, I don’t think, if you want to do it well. But the food philosophy is even more specific and focused.

Here it is, as it stands now. Though I reserve the right to change it as I learn and grow myself.

Read it and let me know what strikes you, whether you agree or not. And then, let me know in the comments what kinds of recipes you want to see converted to fit the healthy delectable philosophy!

[Tr]eat Yourself Whole

Eat real food.
Fill up on plants.
Kitchens over chemistry labs.
Organic is great, local is better. 1
Healthy shouldn’t mean tasteless-make it delectable!
Indulge selectively.
Enjoy expansively.
Give dessert a makeover—then enjoy it often.
Eat a rainbow.
Revel in good fats.
GMO? Just say no.
Eat meat? Make this your mantra: Grass fed, free range, no hormones, extreme moderation.
Eggs are great. Make them truly local, free range, veggie fed and antibiotic free.
Limit dairy. Make it organic.
Numbers are for accountants. Stop counting and eat with mindfulness instead.
Let your diet grow and change with you.
Indulge in a profusion of beautiful dishware.
Sit down at a table. Make meals a ritual.
Give yourself permission to enjoy an excellent glass of wine—nothing “just ok”, and not every day.
Play with your food. Creativity keeps it interesting.
Stress is more toxic than chemicals—don’t beat yourself up. Ever.
Don’t get the sugar blues. Keep it natural and unrefined. Watch your portions.
Do it because you love yourself, not because you should.

Food is love. Nourish your family well.