My Shiny Happy Life

imageMy life is all rainbows and unicorns. That’s right, every morning I wake up and little birds help me put on my yoga clothes. I meditate calmly with no monkey mind for a full hour, after which I drink pure lemon water from the stream before getting on my mat for a focused, intense yoga practice on my own. After that the day flows easily with the perfect healthy food, all of which I make myself. Abundant clients throw themselves at me willy nilly. I easily handle all personal interactions. If there is the rare time of stress, I handle it with equanimity, without being overly reactive. I NEVER go crazy and do something self destructive. I am totally at peace, regardless of what life throws at me.

Yeah, and if you believe that I have some ocean-front property in the Everglades you might like.

No, the truth is I am a work in progress, just like everyone else. And despite the beautiful veggie/smoothie/raw dessert shots I splash all over IG, I also eat out too often, just to get out of the house when being a solo-preneur makes me feel trapped. I am also more reactive than I’d like. In face, yesterday I was upset by a personal interaction and totally lost my cool, ate all my travel snacks in a row and then ended up beating myself up for an hour or two. But because of so much yoga practice and work on myself, these times are rarer and rarer. I have more ‘wins’, more grace and calm breathing through crisis as time goes on.

I think it’s easy in this digital world to see only one side of things. I have FOMO too by the way! SO much. I should definitely quit Facebook. Yeah, right. That’s gonna happen.

Even though I try to show some of the messiness and talk about the ‘hard parts’ of life too, I’m not sure it completely hits home. And it’s important to show the struggle. After all, how can someone help you out of the ditch if they haven’t experienced what it’s like to be stuck down there themselves?

Understand this: whatever emotional eating issue, body image crisis, lack of motivation, beating yourself up, perfectionist, pendulum swinging thing you are going through, I have been there. More than once. And after so many years of slogging around at the bottom of that ditch, I know how to help you climb out of it.

That doesn’t mean life will be all rainbows and unicorns and kale salads. Though today was a great day of meditation, yoga, healthy food, productivity and calm mind, tomorrow I may wake up, check facebook from my bed and haul off to the diner for a stack of pancakes slathered in syrup while stewing over all my faults. I really hope I don’t, but if I do, I won’t whip myself erotically after the fact. I will walk around the block, drink a green juice (or maybe a great glass of red wine) and get over it.

This is balance. Just like some of those crazy yoga inversions, it is not a static spot. You don’t land there and say “ah, balance, there you are.” And just stay stock still. You have to make constant micro-adjustments to stay there.

Can you get down with that? Then let’s get there! My 90-day bespoke program is designed to help you tune into your own needs, joys, likes and dislikes and tune up the vibration to help you find that place of balance that is delectable and sustainable for you.

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With love, lemon water and (raw) chocolate covered cookies.