Going West, in Pictures

Did you miss me? Aww, glad to hear it! I’ve been away and it’s been soul soothing and wonderful, but it’s also nice to be back.

The BHH, delectable Dad and I all took a trip west to visit my brother in Tahoe this week, and wow, it was wonderful. Not being a fabulous photographer, I missed many great shots. We ate some amazing food and drank some amazing wine I just wasn’t able to get right! But here are a few shots that kind of capture the feeling of the trip.

I think what was most amazing about this particular family gathering is how easy it was. You take four somewhat different folks, add the family factor, add the very particular eaters (me and Sam both) and a lot of rain, and you’d think you’d get some strife. But somehow we really did all just go with the flow and find our perfect middle. Everyone had fun. Everyone ate well. And there was very little stress. Delectable Dad and I got to hang out together and just “shoot the breeze” a lot, as he’s always said. The BHH got to get his East-Coast butt kicked on two killer mountain-bike rides. And the brother and I got to do yoga and paddling together then agree loudly over juice and raw bagels in the kitchen.

We’d all meet up in the hot tub for a soak in the morning, afternoon and evening too. Then chow down on vibrant veggies and more.

Not too shabby. In fact, to quote the movie Arthur, “it doesn’t suck.” No, not at all.

I’m feeling all sentimental and misty now. Missing the Dad and Bro desperately. I better get on my yoga mat and work it out.


Brad Squaw veggiesDad on the River Men in Hot Tub photo RIver Near Samphoto 3 Sam and Brad Squaw Sqaw 1

photo 4 Squaw 2

Dad and Sam


Yoga Studio Tahoe Yoga Studio SamMe and SamDock on Donner