Bourbon Vanilla Salted Caramel

Rich, creamy and buttery, but dairy free, thanks to coconut milk, this gently spiked, salted caramel begs to be eaten right off the spoon!

Raw Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Breakfast masquerading as dessert. As healthy as it is delicious. There are a lot of notes at the bottom, but never fear, this is a very easy recipe!

Homegrown High Style (And a quick homegrown recipe) test post

Noelle's Ketchecue Sauce with Label

In these over-processed, over stimulated, disconnected times, I think a little bit of old-school home-grown kitsch can go a long way. But that doesn’t mean it has to be low-brow or boring. I say, infuse your home-grown efforts with a touch of yuppie fanciness.

As I was creating a recent recipe, I found myself doing just that. Yes, I picked a mess-o-greens from the garden and plopped them on a plate, but I also created pecan crusted tempeh and a quick, sweet ketchup and plated it like a fancy restaurant. It’s down home southern cooking paired with NYC high-brow cuisine. It’s got just a touch of pretension in its perfectly stacked and drizzled presentation. But the flavors are satisfying and enjoyable in a way no teeny-tiny California cuisine nibbles could ever be. And that’s what I strive for. The perfection of restaurant presentation with all the organic, just-picked, clean ingredients of home. And yes, I wipe the borders of the plate before I serve. Just call me Martha in yoga pants.

Just to prove it, here’s a little sneak peek at a recipe from my upcoming e-book. A quick little thing I threw together mostly from the husband’s garden. Not quite ketchup. Not really barbecue sauce. Utterly delicious.

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Noelle Pouring ketchecue Sauce

All photos by Noelle Smith