You Can’t Go “Cold Turkey” on Food



I feel like I’m leaping off a bridge.

Today I had this piece published on Elephant Journal. I meant to get it up and out there for NEDA (National Eating Disorders Awareness) week. I meant to start the conversation long ago. I meant to do a lot of things. But I hesitated. Putting this out there in the world scares the sh*t out of me a little. After all, this is A Life Delectable. Aren’t we supposed to be talking about rainbows and unicorns and magical brownies that are both delicious and good for you in a world where no one ever feels fat? 

I jest. I never claimed to lead a charmed life. But I do think that eating disorders, body dysmorphia and all the issues surrounding food and body image are sort of shadowy, closeted issues surrounded by feelings of shame, and it’s time that came to an end. We need to start a conversation. A raw, real one. So we can help each other continue the healing journey.

And then we can go make magical superfood brownies too. Crap. Now I have to come up with that recipe.

Here’s to laughing, crying and singing out loud. 

Don’t forget to check out the piece.