It’s been a long, cold winter. Mind you, I realize I don’t have a lot to complain about, I did get to leave for 3 weeks. Still, I think we’ve all frozen up a little bit on the northeast, and although there is hope on the horizon, it feels like everyone has been in a holding pattern, just waiting for signs on spring.

Whether or not I consciously felt cold and stalled or not, my body has obviously felt that way! Random pains, stiff  (for me) joints, colds, viruses, undefineable “ick”. I’ve had it all recently. And although I kept plugging away to a certain extent, I admit it, I am feeling a little less than vibrant, and a few extra clicks away from my happy, healthy, taking-good-care norm.

Case in point: a lack of green juice. I’ve just been to cold to drink it. If you know me at all you’ll know that’s weird. I could drink a fresh green juice any day of the year, so I thought. But lately, even if I put one in front of me, I just didn’t love it. It felt like a cold dose of punishment rather than a nurturing treat. The horror! 

All of a sudden this weekend I felt the inspiration. The hint of spring. I could see the sun and spring trying to push through and I got a sudden burst of energy for those little extras that make me feel great.  Along with a craving for my own homespun green juice and a long, long walk. Yup. I’m emerging, and I can feel the earth doing the same.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to drink green juice to treat yourself well. Your renewal could be as easy as embracing seasonal veggies in whatever form you like them best. And, if you have no idea what to do to reclaim your vibrance this spring, I can help. Contact me for spring renewal ideas and coaching.  Hop on into my yoga class in Soho (or hire me to give you a little ashtanga infusion by FaceTime). And meanwhile, if you’re feeling juicy, make this.

Favorite Green Juice 2

My Favorite Green Juice:

¼ pineapple, peeled and cubed
½ bunch cilantro
1/3  bunch kale (from a large bunch, add more or less to taste)
½ head romaine
½ English Cucumber or 1 whole smaller cuke, cubed
Squeeze of lime

Directions: Run all ingredients through your juicer. Strain if desired. Sip through your favorite glass straw or gulp straight from the juice pitcher.