Thursday Things

I wanted to write something earth shattering. I wanted to write something insightful and thoughtful. I wanted to write that deep post and shout it to the heavens. And, nothing earth shattering is happening today.  And, though I’ve got all kinds of recipes in development, they’re not ready for you yet.. So, here are just a few fun Thursday Things.

This week I’ve been seriously hitting the juice, and today I made one huge juice, having the rare time at home.

photo-33In the Mix:

1/4 Fresh Pineapple, cut into chunks
Juice of ½ Lime
Small Bunch Cilantro
½ English Cucumber
1 Whole Head of Romaine
A Handful of BHH Kale


It was yummy! And big. Sipped on it all morning.

On the other hand, it cost me just as much to make as it costs me to buy my favorite Heartbeet Juices at the shala while running between teaching, practicing and the office. Even with the BHH grown kale. Plus, it was messy. Oh well, it was still worth it, to make my own blend.

I also ate this:photo-36

It’s awesome. No, I am not really Pitta. I just liked the ingredients listed in it but I love the idea of the bars made specifically to pacify the doshas. Maybe I’ll review all three soon! Meanwhile, I probably need something Vata pacifying today, this post is getting windy.

Later, I got overwhelmed. And I felt like I would cave up, shut down or cry. So I put on the soundtrack to Forrest Gump (Gotta revolution!) and hula hooped. Yes, I am totally a dork. But it was kind of uplifting. I managed not to break any valuables, by the way, but just barely. I highly recommend hula hooping as a silly counterpoint to a serious yoga practice.

And, I tried four superfoods and made the BHH try them too.

photo-31photo-32I’ve had them all before, mostly in smoothies, and wanted to see what they would be like in cashew milk, as a nice plain base for flavor testing. I loved the Lucuma and instantly made a smoothie out of it. Here’s what the BHH said to the taste test:

  1. Mequite—“I feel like I should be grilling with it.” He’s silly. It tasted yummy and malty to me.
  2. Lucuma—“That’s better, sort of mapely.” Yes, and I added maple to the smoothie for a great maple walnut ice cream type flavor.
  3. Cacao—“It’s almost like chocolate.” ‘Nuff said.
  4. Maca—He didn’t say anything. He made a face and spit it out. Yes, it’s an acquired taste he won’t be trying to acquire. And I think it kind of smells like old feet. Gotta think about what this means for incorporating it in “common man” recipes.

I’m also working on a big post about superfoods in general, mostly ones you can find in the produce aisle (hint, it’s blueberry season!).

What are your favorite “Thursday Things” and what’s up for the weekend?