Giving Thanks and the Easiest Bread of All Time

Giving Thanks and the Easiest Bread of All Time

Easiest Bread EverHappy post-Thanksgiving everyone! Wherever you are, I hope it’s wonderful. In  Massachusetts, it’s cold and snowy and perfectly New England Quaint. I had family visits in rotation every day. Time to bake pies. And a fire to relax by after our mega meal. I can be thankful for that!

And, while we’re all busy being thankful, recovering from wrangling family and holiday buffets, I wanted to offer you an easy breakfast option for the coming days.  READ MORE >

Can I Wine?

Savor WineI have a taste for some of the finer things in life. Especially when it comes to food. Though I don’t care what my car represents as a status symbol, I do care what my plate looks like! You won’t catch me throwing together rice and beans and calling it a night. And even when I just serve salad I top it with something interesting and arrange the colors “just so”.

What in the world does this have to do with wine?

Well, for me it’s all about being present.

There was a time when I didn’t drink at all. I felt sure this was the way to be fully awake, fully present, fully yogi. But in the end, I’m not sure that hard and fast “rule” was actually working the way I’d intended. READ MORE >

A Fall Soup to Ease Summer’s Passing

It’s fall. Yep, I mean, there are still summery days, but fall is in the air. I refuse to wear socks, or boots, yet. But I admit it. I love fall. It’s so awesome to be able to throw on a scarf and walk in the crisp air, it really makes my heart sing. But it’s always a little sad to say goodbye to the easy breezy summer lifestyle. Salads with fresh tomatoes. No need to turn on the stove. Flip flops and a sun dress.

This soup will ease the blow. It’s creamy and comforting and about as fast as a home-cooked meal could be. It may be the easiest soup of all time, and it’s about as delicious as any I can think of. READ MORE >

Labor Day Brunch

Pancake with Berries 1Here it is, Labor Day. How did that happen? Last time I looked it was March and 22 degrees and now summer is just about officially over. I will say this though, I’ve loved this summer. It hasn’t been too hot, and so I’ve been able to keep up with my cooking experiments. I’m saving some to bring to you in a new way soon, but couldn’t resist sharing this one right away. It’s just too perfect. If you don’t make it for Labor Day brunch tomorrow, well, you are totally missing out.

The great thing about this is you just put it in the oven, pull it out and serve. It’s like eating pancakes without all that flipping and paying attention business. And those late summer local berries are perfect on top. I dare you not to love it!

Not only that, but it’s not heavy and floury like your normal pancake breakfast. You won’t need a big nap. but it’s ok if you take one anyway…after all, it’s a holiday.

Thanks Noelle Smith for these amazing photos! (she and her daughter loved this by the way and said it was super easy to make which made brunch a breeze). Noelle is an amazing food photographer/stylist. Find her at

Skillet Cake MediumBanana Pecan Skillet Cake
Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free Optional

Serves 4 (or 3 if one of them is my big hungry husband)

2 Overripe Bananas
4 Eggs
1/4 Cup Coconut Flour
1 Tblsp. Pastured Butter or Coconut Oil plus more for the pan
1 Tblsp. Pure Maple Syrup or Honey
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla
pinch salt
1/4 cup chopped walnuts or pecans
To Do:
Preheat oven to 400.
Mix all ingredients except nuts well in blender or stand mixer, then stir in nuts.
Mash bananas well then mix in all remaining ingredients.
Grease a 10-inch oven safe skillet with coconut oil or pastured butter.
Pour in batter.
Bake for 20 minutes. Test for doneness then bake another 5 minutes if necessary.
Cake is done when it is firm on top and a toothpick comes out clean.
Serve with pure maple syrup, more bananas, berries or nuts as desired.
Note: you can cook this in a smaller skillet, like an 8 inch. It will be more fluffy and cakey than thin like a pancake and may need to cook a little longer.  I love it both ways!
Pancake with Berries 2

What To Do With Your CSA

Well, here I am in the middle of celebrating my birthday. And while I would love to document it for you, I’m a more “in the moment” person than “write about the moment” person it seems. I’ll have to give you a little recap later.

Meanwhile, a friend wrote and asked what to do about the CSA deliveries that are drowning her right now, and even in the middle of princess-like birthday celebrations, I love nothing more than to share delicious ideas with friends. So, since I suspect loads of you are in the same boat, here are some suggestions. Not recipes, just ideas of what to do. If you have questions, ask me in the comments and I will help! READ MORE >

Green Soup

Happy Sunday my sweet petunias! I hope your weekend was fantastic. They pass all too quickly don’t they?

I spent the weekend working, mostly, but I did manage to breath some air, do some yoga, relax (sort of) over a foam roller with candlelight on Friday night. Yeah, that’s how racy I am. Candlelight and a foam roller for a Friday night date. I think I was in bed by 10.

Anyway, I just thought I’d stop in and share an awesome and easy meal I threw together. We’ve been picking zucchini and kale like crazy over here. Seriously, the zucchini are beginning to frighten me.

Huge Zucchini Plus, we had visited the farmer’s market and scored some local leeks and garlic. And OMG we were starving and time-starved. Thank goodness dinner came together in a flash.

We put our Brooklyn blackberries in a bowl as centerpiece, roasted this maitake mushroom…

Mushroom Roast!

…and sat down to an incredible gourmet meal in about 20 minutes. Not too shabby.

You can pair this soup with anything. It’s just the green part. But super delicious and filling and satisfying. And healthy like drinking a green smoothie…only so savory.

Get thee to a farmer’s market and make this pronto! You won’t be sorry.

Very Green Soup

Serves at least 4


2 medium zucchini, halved and sliced
1 bunch kale, torn
2 medium leeks, thinly sliced
4 cloves garlic, minced
Sea salt to taste
2 tablespoons olive oil
Hemp seeds (optional, for sprinkling)

Green Soup MakingDirections:

Add zucchini, leeks, kale and garlic to a large soup pot.

Add 4 cups water to the pot.

Bring to a boil then reduce heat and let simmer about 10 minutes, or until all vegetables are soft.

Ladle most of the broth and about 1/2 of the veggies into a blender and blend until smooth. Return to the soup pot.

Ladle into soup bowls. Drizzle each portion with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.

Optional: top with hemp seeds.

Dive in!

Green Soup 2 I’ve made something similar but added peas to the mix, which make it heartier, and fresh and springy at the same time. I’ve pureed the whole batch and eaten it smooth, but the BHH doesn’t love it that way as much. What I mean to say is, it’s malleable, make it your own. Got spinach instead of kale? Great. Got onions instead of leeks? Go for it! Use the veggies you have on hand. They seem to ‘work out their differences in the pot’ as Ayurveda says about kitchari.

And with that, I am finally turning off my computer until tomorrow morning. Time for a little wind down.

With love and green veggies,



Smart Snacking For Sports (Plus a Sweet Recipe)

I had a little problem this weekend, and I am so glad it’s Monday so I can get it off my hands. I made these amazing little chocolate bites, and they were just too good. A little addictive. Maybe more than a little. I even froze them in self defense, but it turns out they’re great straight from the freezer. READ MORE >

Life is Just a Bowl of Zucchini Flowers

IMG_0259So here I sit on my beautiful deck, on my small mountain, on a brilliant day, looking at my computer. But I tell you what, it’s still bliss. And I can’t help myself. Must share last night’s accidental recipe.

The husband continually asks me not to let him plant too much zucchini. Every year he begs me to stop him. Every year I fail. As if I could change his behavior in any way. We end up leaving them in front of neighbors’ houses and running away. READ MORE >

Southern Style Braised Collards-No Bacon Required

Good morning folks! Let’s start the week with a little Meatless Monday inspiration shall we?

Actually, I usually call this kind of post “veggie man days”. Not that men aren’t often vegetarian as well, it’s just that my man doesn’t like to think about the fact that his meal might be meatless (or maybe he just feels his manhood is threatened by the name) and so I coined the term “Veggie Man Days” for him.

The truth is, I think a lot of people have some idea that vegetarian meals will be

1)   Bland

2)   Boring

3)   Unsatisfying/unsubstantial

4)   “different” not like “real food” that they’re used to

It isn’t true. Or it doesn’t have to be. One of the most important missions of A Life Delectable is to show you that plants can be dressed up into gourmet packages. They don’t have to involve the wheat germ sprinkle over a pile of rice and beans a la 1970s veganism.

And I must have convinced the husband, because, well, I admit it, this recipe was his idea. I was making collards all the time last summer, and he was missing the bits of bacon he imagined should be involved. We had some sun-dried tomatoes in the house and he asked me to chop them in, and, VOILA! An awesome Veggie Man Days recipe was born. From then this side dish appeared frequently on our plates. We like the oil-cured ones we find locally, but regular old dry ones will plump up in the pan too.

I recently served this dish to some friends, and they immediately asked how to make it. So here it is Cheri and Ron, so easy you almost don’t need a recipe, but I’ll give you one to follow anyway.

And, to make it a whole nutrient dense meal, try adding pine nuts or white beans (cannellini, navy, whatever you have on hand) plus some marinated Portobello mushrooms. In fact, I did that with recently (and forgot to get pictures) and it was an amazingly satisfying totally plant based meal.

Happy Monday! Now, go get cooking!

Southern Style Braised Collards—No Bacon Required


3-4 Cloves Garlic, smashed and minced
1 Large Bunch Collard Greens (Kale is great too!), cut from the stems and cut into thin strips
½ Cup Sundried Tomatoes, sliced or chopped
1 Tblsp. Olive Oil (or avocado, grapeseed or coconut)
¼ Cup Pine Nuts (optional)
Water as necessary for braising


Heat oil over medium high heat

Add garlic and stir till slightly soft

Add collards and sun-dried tomatoes and stir to coat with oil and garlic

Add a splash of water, turn the heat to medium and cover

Let braise to desired consistency, checking frequently for moisture and adding more water as needed to prevent sticking and burning. I like my greens pretty fresh and bright, keeping more nutrients in tact. Often, I add more water while covered, then remove the cover and let it evaporate at the end. Play with it! It’s as simple as can be!

Stir in the pine nuts and serve.

As I said, I serve this very often as a side dish, but for a whole nutrient dense meal I recently added ¾ cup of white beans and then served it with strips of marinated/grilled Portobello mushroom. I think for a party presentation it would be nice to stuff the whole thing into a Portobello cap. Presto! Martha Stewart-esque Veggie Man Day Meal. Get the idea?

Get some collards and let me know how they turn out. Or hey, go plant your own for later in the summer!

Collards and Tomatoes